BUS RIDERS: Bus privileges are extended to all students who live in excess of a two-mile distance from the school. Bus schedules are published in the Press Journal newspaper prior to the opening of school. Questions and concerns about bus transportation should be directed to the Transportation Department at 978-8825. Only students assigned to a bus may use the service. Parents are responsible for making transportation arrangements for after-school activities. Students are expected to follow the bus safety rules defined by the bus driver. Failure to follow bus rules may result in suspension of bus transportation privileges.

CAR RIDERS: Parents must drop off and pick up their students at Front Office station located on the car loop, enter School from Indian River Drive East.

BIKE RIDERS: Bike riders must adhere to the rules of bicycle safety at all times. Bike riders may cross at Mockingbird Drive and Beachland Boulevard. A bike and walking trail is provided immediately north of the Mockingbird loop so that no child will need to cross the entrance of the school. Bikers must proceed directly to the fenced in area (racks provided) on the northeast corner of the campus to secure bicycles. Bike locks are strongly suggested. All bike riders must wear helmets in accordance with Florida state law.

WALKERS: Walkers must use the sidewalk system on the east side of campus, along Mockingbird Drive. Students coming from the north of the Mockingbird entrance shall use the fenced path. Those students coming from the south side shall use the original biker/walker entrance.

CHANGES in your child's normal mode of transportation must be submitted to the Principal (in writing) for signed approval.